Supporting food Most Good Eye Health and Powerful

Healthy organs of the senses that this is indeed a very important price, this is due to the sense of sight or eye is one of the most important organ in the human life. Because with this one organ that we can see the beauty of the universe and all creation. But unfortunately with the development of this evolving technology sekarng, into the cause of the eye of any problems or decreased performance of the eye to the fullest. Especially now that all the work is already in required using a laptop with a day staring at a laptop screen that can be a trigger eye problems. Besides too long staring at the gadget can also cause a decrease in performance with a good eye.

As a proverb eye is the window of life, if there was a slight problem alone would make any daily activity becomes disturbed. Of course it does not want to experience, right? So because of that so that it does not happen to you sebiknya from now on you should be able to maintain the condition of your eyes properly. Keeping an eye condition is actually very simple without requiring a difficult business. Only by keeping sehatn lifestyle and a healthy diet that has become the main stock has a healthy eye. In connection with the food this time we will explain about the food most excellent eye health support and powerful, including the following!

This is Food Support Healthy Eyes Most Good and Powerful

Carrots and Potatoes
The type of food that first supporting eye health are potatoes and carrots. Both of these foods is already very famous former eye health benefits. This is because the content of provitamin A carotenoids and high batakaroten which is the excellent nutrition in supporting eye health. By taking both of these vegetables each day can support eye health. It was not only that, carrots and potatoes are also very good for maintaining bone and maintain the immune system. So with bagitu emmbuat body will be healthy throughout the day.

Not just two vegetables such as carrots and potatoes that can support eye health. Salmon also turned believed very powerful tool to maintain eye health. This is because in salmon contains omega 3 which is very high compared to other fish species. According to a study conducted by experts yan content of omega 3 has a function to avoid dry eye disorder that would make healthy eyes throughout the day.

As we know the egg itself is one of the foods that contain the source of the nutrients needed to support the health of organs one of which is the eye. Which contain lutein, B12, vitamin D, and vitamin A is good for eye health support. Especially on the content of the egg white is very good in preventing the event of a process of macular degeneration and cataracts.

Good food source to support eye health latter is spinach. Possible with you this one kind of vegetable sudh not foreign to you. Spinach has a content source that can support the health of the body one of which is the organ of the eye. As for the content of which contribute to maintaining eye health is lutein in it. Where the content of glaucoma disease prevention and healthy eyes.
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